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The Search function was previously updated in versions 5.0.7, 5.2 and 5.3.

New Feature: Dynamic Results

Even though the wildcards "*" (any chain of characters) and "?" (any character) are still available, the search results are dynamically updated after each keystroke, with a virtual "*" before and after the current chain of characters.

Let's suppose we have the nodes below:

Below are the 3 results when searching for "b?c".

New Feature: Long Names

Searching nodes, arcs and monitors has been extended to include the new node property Long Name.

New Feature: Actions

Given the increasing number of features that are now available in BayesiaLab, the Search function has been extended to Actions.

Let's suppose we are in Validation Mode . Upon entering "pre" in the search field, we got the list of all the actions with a name containing "pre".

Clicking allows running the corresponding action.