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Analysis | Visual | Mapping

New Feature: Exclusion of Translucent Nodes

Nodes that you have selected to be semi-transparent in the graph (via Displayed Classes) will be excluded from Mapping, thus providing you with much clearer overview.

New Feature: Outline Fonts

Mapping associates individual colors with all nodes that do not have an otherwise pre-defined color. As a result, some node labels may be difficult to read against a particularly light or dark background. Selecting Outline Fonts adds a contrasting outline to all characters, which can improve legibility.

A Font Editor is now available via Contextual Menu within the Mapping window. It allows you to edit the labels' font and to define the outline color and thickness. 

The Font Editor is now also accessible from within BayesiaLab's two other applications of the Mapping function, which are available in the context of:

  • Analysis | Visual | Node Force and
  • Learning | Clustering | Variable Clustering

There, you can access Mapping by clicking in the tool bar.