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  • Token Borrowing (5.2)



A BayesiaLab Token is a Floating License that is managed via the brand new Bayesia License Server

New Feature: Borrow Session

A token can now be used either Online or Offline.

  • Online: BayesiaLab needs a steady Internet connection for the duration for the session. When the connection is broken, the BayesiaLab session is automatically closed.
  • Offline: you can borrow a token for a limited period of time. BayesiaLab works then in a Single User Single Machine mode. You just need an Internet connection for specifying the Duration. Once set, no Internet connection is needed anymore. 

The borrowed token is automatically released when the specified duration is over. It can also be manually released by running BayesiaLab and selecting New Session instead of Continue Offline Session.


For purchased or rented tokens, the automatic released depends on the date defined by: date of the creation of the offline session + the duration.

A borrowed token is unavailable for the other users associated to the Account while the token is not automatically or manually released, even if BayesiaLab is not running.


For the Elastic Pricing, there is no limitation on the number of available tokens. The automatic released is triggered when duration - actual BayesiaLab execution time = 0.

The duration of the borrowed session is imputed to the Account at the beginning of the offline session. When a token is Manually Released, the difference between the borrowed duration and the actual BayesiaLab execution time is discounted from the Account.


An offline session cannot be closed by the Account Manager.


New Feature: Token Status

A new icon is now available in the lower left corner of the BayesiaLab main window when running with a token.

Upon clicking this icon, a Information panel gives information on the current status of the token.

Depending on the Subscription (type of licensing), this Information panel returns the name of the subscription and:

  • The Consumed Time for Elastic Plans
  • The Remaining Time before the end of rented period for Rented Tokens
  • Endless for the Purchased Tokens


The Remaining Time is displayed for all the subscriptions but its computation depends on the subscription:

  • current date - (date of the creation of the offline session + the duration) for Rented or Purchased tokens
  • duration - actual BayesiaLab execution time for Elastic Plans

The status icon color coded depending on the remaining time.