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Validation Mode | Monitor Tool Bar

New Feature: Negative Evidence

This inference mode allows carrying out inference with the negation of the current set of evidence.

Upon clicking on  in the Monitor Tool Bar, BayesiaLab switches its inference mode to Negative Evidence, i.e. the posterior probability distributions and the joint probability are updated according to:

, for and evidence set made of n observations.

This inference mode is available for all the tools using exact inference, with Hard and Soft Evidence.


Let's use VisitAsia for illustrating this inference mode.




Smoker=True and Age=Young Adult

Not(Smoker=True and Age=Young Adult)

Smoker=False or Not(Age=Young Adult)

Smoker=True and Age=Young Adult and Bronchitis=False

Not(Smoker=True and Age=Young Adult and Bronchitis=False)

Smoker=False or Not(Age=Young Adult) or Bronchitis=True