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New Feature: Contributions

Two new options were added to the Mutli-Quadrant Analysis tool for automatically computing the Contributions of each generated network.

Contribution on Target

By checking this option, the Contributions to the target node are re-computed for each generated network (one per state of the breakout variable). These Contributions computed here are the same as the Contributions generated by the Target Direct Effects Analysis function (Analysis | Visual | Target Direct Effects Analysis). 

Contribution of Manifest Variables on Factors

This option allows you to re-compute the Contributions of the Manifest variables to their associated Factor for each generated network. These Contributions correspond to the ones generated by the Target Direct Effects Analysis function (Analysis | Visual | Target Direct Effects Analysis), for sub-network containing only the Manifests and their Factor (Naïve structure).


This network (PSEM) was induced on the entire data set, i.e. it corresponds to the analysis of the total market.

This graph shows the Contributions of the Factors to Purchase Intent, and the Contributions of each Manifest variable to its associated Factor.

The Breakout Variable is Product.