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Tools | WebSimulator Editor

The WebSimulator is a platform that allows you to publish models via the web. Any BayesiaLab model can be shared privately with clients, or publicly with a broader audience.

The type of each variable and its associated graphical component is set in BayesiaLab by using the WebSimulator Editor. Once a model is published via the WebSimulator, end users can try out scenarios and examine the dynamics of that model. 


The WebSimulator Editor was first introduced in version 5.4, and then updated in version 6.0. It has been entirely redesign in version 8.0 to allow you defining all the settings of your simulator directly within BayesiaLab.

Updated Feature: Available Nodes

The Available Nodes are now sorted alphabetically and colored when they have an associated color in the graph.

Updated Feature: How to Remove Input and Output Components

You can now Delete a component in order to remove it from the Inputs or Outputs (instead of dragging it out with the mouse).