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Contextual Menu

This feature, available by right-clicking the Class icon in the lower right corner of the Graph Panel window, allows you the show/hide nodes according to the class(es) to which they are associated.

New Feature: At Least in Each

As of version 9.0, there are now 3 different filters:

  • At Least in One (this was the default mode in the previous versions),
  • At Least in Each,
  • Only in Each (this was the previous default mode, with Intersection checked).


Let's use the following network to illustrate these filters.

The Sticky Notes describe the 3 Classes A, B and C:

  • N1 does not belong to any class,
  • N2 belongs to Class A,
  • N3 belongs to Classes A and B,
  • N4 belongs to Class B,
  • N5 belongs to Classes A, B and C,
  • N6 belongs to Classes B and C,
  • N7 belongs to Class C.