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This new feature allows BayesiaLab to give you access to specific PDF files and videos. The main objective is to allow those who joined a 3-Day Introductory Course or a 3-Day Advanced Course to have access to the slides and to the a complete recording of the events.

However, by default, everybody has access to 4 slide decks that correspond to the Introductory Course appendices:

  • Manual Modeling exercises,
  • Unsupervised Learning example,
  • Supervised Learning example,
  • Data Clustering example,

as well as 4 videos:

  • Training Journey: recording of the first 20 minutes of the Introductory Course,
  • What's New in BayesiaLab 7.0, recorded at the 2017 BayesiaLab Conference in Paris),
  • What's New in BayesiaLab 8.0, recorded at the 2018 BayesiaLab Conference in Chicago),
  • What's New in BayesiaLab 9.0, recorded at the 2019 BayesiaLab Conference in Durham).

The BayesiaLab Trainees have automatically access to the slides and recorded videos of their session during the validity period of their BayesiaLab training license.

The media content is also accessible via the Asynchronous Online Training.

The recorded videos are available in English and in French