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Validation Mode | Tool | Resampling | Variable Clustering

This feature is used to measure the stability of the groups of variables that have been induced with Variable Clustering:


This tool has been introduced in version 5.0.4, and updated in versions 5.3 and 7.0.

Updated Feature: Variable Clustering Report - Node Association Frequencies

The Node Association Frequencies table returned by the Variable Clustering Report is now color coded:

  • Grey: this indicates the diagonal, with the 100 since the node always belong the a cluster with itself,
  • White: the nodes in the row and column are not Co-Manifest variables, i.e. they do not belong to the same cluster in the original network,
  • Other: the nodes in the row and column are Co-Manifest variables, the color is the one of their cluster in the original network.

New Feature: Overall and Local Purities

As of version 9.0, the Variable Clustering Report returns an additional table with purities for each cluster and each nodes:

  • The purity of a node is the average of the association frequencies with its Co-Manifest variables,
  • The purity of a cluster is the average of the purity of its associated manifest variables.

New Feature: Clustering Frequency Graph - Frequency Filter

As of version 9.0, the Variable Clustering Graph is equipped with a slider that allows you to hide the connections that are below the defined frequency threshold.