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Data | Associate Dictionary | Arc

Data | Export Dictionary | Arc

Dictionaries allow you to use simple text files for automatically defining properties of arcs, nodes, and states.

New Feature: Structural Priors

As of version 9.0, you can define prior knowledge at the arc level by assigning a Structural Prior in a range from -1.0 to 1.0. Such Structural Priors can be imported and exported with dictionaries.


Here is an example of the dictionary syntax. Instead of the equal sign "=" used in this example, you can also use Space or Tab.

If you don't remember the syntax, you can manually define Structural Priors and then export a dictionary with Data | Export Dictionary | Arc | Structural Priors.

Updated Feature: Export Dictionary - Arc

When a subset of arcs is selected, you are now prompted to choose if you want to process all arcs or just the selection.