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New Feature: Rendering Properties Editor

As of version 9.0, the following rendering properties of the network can be edited via a new editor:

  • Background Color: color of the background.
  • Background Image: image that you want to associate with your network.
  • Link Background Image: the zoom on the image is updated whenever the zoom on the network is modified.
  • Show Background Image: shows the Bayesia Logo, or the selected image, in the background of the graph.
  • Show Grid: shows a grid in the background. When the nodes are created or moved, they are "attracted" to the closest grid intersection, unless when Shift is pressed.
  • Grid Spacing: defines the size of the squares.

Clicking  sets back the default values that are defined in the Preferences 

When the option Keep the Last User-Defined Parameter Set is checked, the rendering properties defined via the Rendering Editor are used for each new network.

Clicking  in the Preferences resets the values to BayesiaLab's default values.