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Window | Console

Main Window's Contextual Menu

The console is used to display the log of each network.

New Feature: Position

As of version 8.0, the position of the console is customizable. It can be at the bottom, top, left and right. The last two positions are particularly useful for comparing the scores of the different learning algorithms that have been used.

The default position when you run BayesiaLab for the first time is the bottom one. The icon at the lower right corner of the main BayesiaLab window allows to quickly open the console.

When the console is hidden, the position can be changed via Window | Console | Position. Otherwise, it can be modified using the Console's Contextual Menu | Position.

Once the position is modified, BayesiaLab will use it as a new default position.


Suppose we have tested all the unsupervised structural learning algorithms on our data set. The log will give us the initial and final MDL scores, as well as the parameters of each algorithm.