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Node Editor | Properties | Long Name

Prior to version 8.0, Comments were mainly used for associating long names with the nodes, and used as log files for the networks. The new Network Log offers now a proper log file for the networks, and the new node property Long Name is now available for associating a long name with the node.

They can be defined via the Node Editor, or automatically by using a Dictionary.

New Feature: Show Long Name

Long Names can be shown in the network (Node Contextual Menu | Properties | Rendering Properties | Show Long Name), in the monitors (Monitor Panel Contextual Menu | Show | Long Name of Nodes), in the graphs generated during the analyses (Graph Contextual Menu |  Show Long Names), in the Search Tool (Contextual Menu |  Show Long Names), in the editors (Contextual Menu |  Show Long Names) (e.g. classes, costs, ...).