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This function allows creating a network per data Segment (described with the states of a Breakout Variable) in order to compare the relationships of the variables with the Target Variable. As of version 8.0, it has therefore been moved from Tools to the new Segment Analysis section.


Multi-Quadrant  has been updated in versions, and 7.0.

New Feature: Show Landscape

The Landscape visualizes all the mean values of the observable variables, i.e. Overall and each segment. The value on the y-axis is always the Overall value of the selected metric (e.g. Standardized Total Effects in the example below), even when a segment is selected.


Let's take our classical Perfume example for which we have defined five segments with the Breakout Variable Product, namely Prod3, Prod4, ProdG1, ProdG5 and Prod G6.

All but 7 variables have been set as Not Observable for excluding them from the analysis.

The option Show Horizontal Scales, that is available via the contextual menu, can be use to highlight the ranges of mean values taken by each variable across the different segments.