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Analysis | Visual | Overall | Mapping | 3D Mapping


2D Mapping was first introduced in version 5.1, and then updated in version 5.35.4, and 7.0. As for the 3D version, it has been introduced in version 7.0.

New Node Analyses

Total Effects on Target

Standardized Total Effects on Target

Direct Effects on Target

Standardized Direct Effects on Target

When a Target node is defined, it is now possible to utilize these four metrics for defining the size and/or color of the nodes in both mapping tools.


Let's take the network below that uses body measurements for predicting Gender with a Tree Augmented Network.

New Feature: Import Layout

The 3D Mapping comes now with an Import Layout function that allows using the layout of a previously exported 3D model.

The layout of the Mapping (2D and 3D) is initialized with the one of the Bayesian network. As of version 7.0, the 2D Mapping allows transferring the Mapping layout to the Bayesian network, thus making an Import Layout function unnecessary.