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New: Reference States

You can define Reference States interactively node by node with the help of the Node Editor.

Alternative, you can import and export Reference States with a dictionary. The dictionary syntax is the same as the one used for a Filtered State dictionary, i.e.:

Formal Grammar of the Reference State Dictionary
[ <NodeName> "." | <ClassName> "." ] <StateName>

If a node name is used as a prefix, a reference state will be set only for the state of this node.

If a class name is used as a prefix, a reference state will be set for the nodes of the class that have this state.

If no prefix is used, a reference state will be set for all the nodes that have the specified state.

A state can be present only once otherwise the last occurrence is chosen.

Should you forget the syntax, simply use the Node Editor on one or two nodes and then export the dictionary. You can then open the dictionary file with a text editor and see examples of the syntax.