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Updated: Forbidden Arcs Editor

Forbidden Arcs allow the user to specify a set of constraints between Nodes and/or Classes. Such constraints are taken into account by any of the Structural Learning algorithms

The Forbidden Arc Editor features five buttons:

  • Add/Remove: for manually adding and deleting constraints, i.e. Forbidden Arcs
  • Import/Export: for loading/saving constraints with a dictionary
  • Generate creates constraints that will prevent "negative" relationships to be learned. More specifically, Pearson Coefficients are computed for all relationships between all variables in the dataset. Those with an r value smaller than zero, will become Forbidden Arcs

New: Meta Constraints 

There are two new types of meta constraints that allow you to more easily set forbidden arc across groups of nodes.

For instance, you can prohibit the learning of arcs between nodes that of the same class, i.e. preventing "intra-class" connections. Alternatively, you can also prohibit arcs between nodes belonging to different classes, thus preventing "inter-class" connections.