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Renamed Feature: Compressions

This option was previously called Likelihood and Uncertainty Variations.

This feature allows you getting two additional metrics in the upper part of the monitor panel.

This metric measures the relative number of bits that are saved by using the current network vs the straw model for representing the set of evidence .


 is the Log-Loss for the set of evidence  with the straw model 

 is the Log-Loss Gain associated with the set of evidence  with respect to the straw model 

This metric measures how the current set of evidence allows reducing the uncertainty of the posterior distributions of the unobserved variables , with the current network vs the straw model  .


 is the set of unobserved variables 

is the marginal entropy of ,

is the conditional entropy of given ,

is the Mutual Information between the set of evidence  and


By using the current network , these three pieces of evidence allow reducing by 29.4% the uncertainty on the unobserved variables with respect to the straw model .

The Log-Loss of  is reduced by 24.12% when using the current network instead of the straw model .