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Window | Preferences

The Preferences allow you personalizing most of the BayesiaLab features' options, as well as defining your own shortcuts with the Perspectives.

New Feature: Analysis | Visual Analysis | Arc's Mutual Information Analysis

This new feature allows customizing the information displayed in the tooltip associated with the arcs in Arc Mutual Information.

New Feature: Display | Monitor Panel

As of version 7.0, it is now possible to change the color of the Monitor Panel.

New Feature: Classes of Perspectives

Perspectives represents a way to customize your BayesiaLab's menus. When unchecked, the associated menu item is not displayed any longer, and the corresponding function is not runnable any more. Upon unchecking boxes, the Custom Perspectives are automatically updated. 

There are two other classes of Perspectives:

If a predefined Perspectives is manually changed, it automatically becomes the Custom Perspectives. As it is saved on top of the existing version, the previous version is lost.

It is possible to select a Class of Perspectives via Window | Perspective.

New Feature: Reset Utilization Counters

This new feature (Perspectives | Contextual Menu) allows resetting the Utilization Counters.

These Utilization Counters are used for the Utilization Analysis (Help | Utilization Analysis).