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Four main categories of visual analysis tools have been created:

  • Overall: by default, all the nodes are included in the analysis
  • Target: the analysis focuses on the Target node
  • Graph: the analysis is based on the structure of the network
  • Sensitivity: analysis of the variability of the parameters of the network
Arc ForceOverall | Arc | Kullback-Liebler
Arcs' Mutual InformationOverall | Arc | Mutual Information
Pearson's CorrelationOverall | Arc | Pearson Correlation
Node ForceOverall | Node Force
Direct Effect Contribution Analysis on Target NodeTarget | Contributions | Interactive
Correlation with Target NodeTarget | Mutual Information | Pictograms | Target Node
Correlation with Target StateTarget | Mutual Information | Pictograms | Target State
Neighborhood AnalysisGraph | Neighborhood Analysis
Influence Paths to TargetGraph | Influence Paths to Target
Mosaic AnalysisOverall | Mosaic Analysis
MappingOverall | Mapping | 2D Mapping
Influence Analysis on Target NodeTarget | Posterior Probability | Histograms
Target Sensitivity AnalysisTarget | Posterior Probability | Tornado Diagrams
Target Direct Effects Analysis Target | Contributions | Arc Comment
Target Mean AnalysisTarget | Posterior Mean
Parameters Sensitivity AnalysisSensitivity | Joint Probability
Assessment Sensitivity AnalysisSensitivity | Expert Assessments
Most Probable ExplanationMost Probable Explanation
Show the EdgesGraph | Equivalence Classes
Edge OrientationGraph | Class Instantiation
Overall | Arc | Kullback-LieblerArc Force
Overall | Arc | Mutual InformationArcs' Mutual Information
Overall | Arc | Pearson CorrelationPearson's Correlation
Overall | Node ForceNode Force
Overall | Mapping | 2D MappingMapping
Overall | Mapping | 3D MappingN/A
Overall | Mosaic AnalysisMosaic Analysis
Target | Posterior Probability | Tornado DiagramsTarget Sensitivity Analysis
Target | Posterior Probability | HistogramsInfluence Analysis on Target Node
Target | Posterior MeanTarget Mean Analysis
Target | Interpretation TreeTarget Interpretation Tree
Target | Mutual Information | Pictograms | Target NodeCorrelation with Target Node
Target | Mutual Information | Pictograms | Target StateCorrelation with Target State
Target | Contributions | Arc CommentTarget Direct Effects Analysis 
Target | Contributions | InteractiveDirect Effect Contribution Analysis on Target Node
Graph | Influence Paths to TargetInfluence Paths to Target
Graph | Neighborhood AnalysisNeighborhood Analysis
Graph | Equivalence ClassesShow the Edges
Graph | Class InstantiationEdge Orientation
Sensitivity | Joint ProbabilityParameters Sensitivity Analysis
Sensitivity | Confidence IntervalsN/A
Sensitivity | Expert AssessmentsAssessment Sensitivity Analysis
Most Probable ExplanationMost Probable Explanation