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Help | Check for Updates

New Feature: Check for Updates

With this new feature, BayesiaLab can now communicate with Bayesia License Server to check if a newer version is available for download. 

For Windows users, the new version is downloaded and the installer starts automatically. As BayesiaLab needs to be closed before the update, you will be prompted to confirm the installation.

For Mac and Unix users, the installation is not automatic. Rather, you will be prompted to set the folder where the new version will be saved. 

Once the file is downloaded, you can choose to open the folder containing the saved file. 

Do not forget to close BayesiaLab before updating it.

You can use the Settings to check for updates automatically upon launching BayesiaLab. If BayesiaLab runs under Windows, the new program is downloaded and installed automatically whenever a new version is available.

For Mac and Unix users, the new program is automatically downloaded and saved in the default Temporary Folder.