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The BayesiaLab WebSimulator represents the best solution for sharing your Probabilistic Expert Systems without having to install any specific piece of software on the end user's machine.

The information contained in your XBL file is used to automatically set up a webpage. When the model is published on the Bayesia' server, the simulator uses the Bayesia Engine hosted on this server for exact probabilistic inference. The posterior probability distributions of the Output variables can then be dynamically updated for taking into account any new piece of evidence (hard and soft) entered by the end user (via a computer, tablet or smartphone).


Here is a Bayesian network that represents the relations between car components that are linked to starting (causes or symptoms).

The XBL file contains:

  • the Bayesian network that will be use for probabilistic inference
  • the Input and Output nodes, along with the type of monitor to use (gauge, slider, text)
  • the images that will be associated with each monitor
  • the comment that describes the model

There are two kind of simulators: the public simulators that are accessible to anybody, and the private simulators for which the access is restricted to the users that have the model's identifier and its password.

A few public simulators are automatically included with your BayesiaLab license. The private ones are available at the Bayesia Store in different packages (5, 10, 20, 50 and 100).