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New Feature: States | Generate Aggregations

Prior to release 5.4, the aggregation of the states could only be done during Data Import and Data Association. This new feature allows you to manually or automatically define new aggregated states within the Node Editor. The aggregation tool is identical to the one that is available in the Data Import and Data Association wizards. Upon validation, the states are created and the data is aggregated. 

Upon validation, the new aggregated states are created and the states that have been aggregated are deleted. Therefore, there is no immediate way to cancel the aggregation. The only solution is to delete the node and bring it back by using Data Association.

If there is no data is associated with the network, the automatic aggregation will not be available.

Clicking the Aggregates button allows you to edit the aggregated states. An aggregate is the list of the states that have been (during the Data Import), or will be (after the next Data Association) grouped together. However, there is no data aggregation upon modification of the aggregates, this will only be effective during Data Association. Note that there is no modification of the node states either.