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Toolbar | Node Exclusion Mode

New Feature: Node Exclusion Mode

Prior to release 5.4, you could exclude a node by double-clicking on it while pressing , or by using the Node Contextual Menu | Properties | Exclusion.

A new Node Exclusive Mode is now available via the Toolbar | . In this mode, you can quickly exclude/un-exclude a single node, or a selection of nodes, by clicking. You can also exclude/un-exclude a set of nodes by just defining a zone. 

The presence of excluded nodes is indicated by the  icon in the lower right corner of the graph window 

While in the Node Exclusion Mode, clicking on nodes switches them from non-excluded to excluded and vice versa. For instance, if you have a selection of nodes consisting of excluded and non-excluded nodes, their states will be reversed, excluded nodes will become non-excluded, and non-excluded nodes will become excluded.

Pressing activates the Exclusion Mode while the key is pressed. You no longer need to double-click on a node to exclude/un-exclude it. You can also press while defining a selection zone to exclude/un-exclude a group of nodes.

Exclusion is no longer a Node Property. Therefore, Exclusion has been removed from the Node Contextual Menu | Properties.

New Feature: View | Hide Excluded Nodes

Excluded Nodes can now be hidden from display to make network graphs easier to read. This feature can be activated via View | Hide Excluded Nodes or via the Toolbar | .

For as long as Excluded Nodes are hidden, BayesiaLab does not consider them as part of the network graph. This means that they cannot be selected and that the Best Fit layout function does not take them into account.