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Mapping was first introduced in version 5.1 and updated in version 5.3.

New Feature: Node Analysis - Color

Node Analysis can now visualize metrics with different node colors, in addition to showing measures by varying node size. The metrics available for node color are the same as those available for node size


The network below clusters grocery stores according to the Market Share of orange juice brands they sell.

  • Here, the size of the node is proportional to the Node Force. 
  • The node color represents the Mean value of Market Share. When using the default settings, red represents the low end of the value range, and green represents the high end.
  • The thickness of the links is proportional to the Arc Force.

This mapping shows intuitively that the product most correlated with the cluster is Tropicana Premium 96 oz (the biggest node) and that the product with the largest market share is Dominicks 64 oz (the greenest node).

From the Contextual Menu, via Edit Colors, you can select the colors to represent the minimum, middle and maximum values.

Updated Feature: Display Scores on Nodes/Arcs

From the Contextual Menu, you can select to display metrics (scores) as numerical values on nodes. This is in addition to showing the metrics as node size or node color. Similarly, you can show the numerical values of metrics (scores) related to links.




New Feature: Static Font Size

In addition to outline fonts, introduced to improve legibility in the previous release, the new option Static Font Size allows you to keep labels' font size fixed regardless of the zoom level of the graph. By default, the font size of labels scales automatically with the zoom level, which can make labels too small to read at lower levels of magnification.



The following graphs have been generated with Visual | Analysis | Visual | Node Force, after using the slider to display the name of the strongest nodes only.

With the "best fit" zoom level, the labels are no longer legible. You would need to zoom in to be able to read them.

Using the static font size, you can zoom out to display the entire graph and still be able to read the labels.