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Here is a small selection of new or updated features released in BayesiaLab 8.0:

  • The StartUp Start-Up Page gives you a quick access to the BayesiaLab's main BayesiaLab functions and recent networks.
  • You can now choose the Appearance of each node among from five predefined graphical componentselements: Disc, Badge, Monitor, Gauge, and Bar.
  • Copying nodesWhen copying nodes, arcs, and notes allows , you to can also Paste the Format of these objects.
  • The Data Import Wizard suggests now a the number of bins for the discretization of your continuous variables according to the number of observations in your data set.
  • R2-GenOpt*, an extended version of R2-GenOpt, utilizes a specific MDL score for choosing the a suitable number of bins.
  • Parameter Updating allows taking  takes into account the observations set via currently set in the monitors for updating the quantitative part of the current Bayesian network.
  • In addition to the Multi-Quadrant Analysis, you can analyze your segmented datasets with the Impact on Target and Profile tools. 
  • You can use the Search function for finding and running an Action Search to find functions and running Actions.
  • You can now directly associate a Long Name with the node Long Names with nodes without having to use the Node 's Comment workaround anymore field.
  • The brand-new WebSimulator Editor allows you defining to define and testing test all the settings of your simulators simulator within BayesiaLab before publishing themit.
  • Users of BayesiaLab Floating Token Licenses can now can define anInactivity Timeout for Automatic Disconnection of BayesiaLicenseServerDisconnect with the Bayesia License Server.

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