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authorGabriel Andraos, G Squared Capital, Introductory Course, Paris 2014

The training was a truly mind-altering experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone interested in modeling with Bayesian Networks. Having Lionel personally deliver the course and answering any and all questions is of great business and educational value.

I'm next looking forward to the advanced course. 


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authorSteven Struhl, Harris Interactive, Introductory Course, New York City 2009

The Bayesia training session was one of the most valuable and thoughtful I have ever attended. Dr. Jouffe did an admirable job introducing and explaining Bayesian Belief Networks, an area of predictive modeling that is of rapidly increasing importance in many fields. The course adroitly mixed practical applications, case histories, and key concepts and theory, explaining the uses and remarkable power of these models. The approach was always informative and engaging, and included the best set of presentation materials I have encountered in a long time. This is a truly worthwhile course, and it also introduced a remarkable piece of analytical software. I speak as somebody who has given seminars and taught graduate courses for over twenty years; this session definitely deserves the highest praise