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authorYue Wu, Telethon Kids Institute, Perth 2016

I liked particularly the balance between theory and practice during the training, with Lionel's very accessible explanation of those complex concepts. And given the complexity, there is still a lot for me to learn and explore in this field.  

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authorPhilippe Asseman, Airbus, Paris 2016

I have been using BayesiaLab for about 2 years to develop pure knowledge-based models with success since these models prove to be very efficient in our operational business. However I never had the opportunity to use the tool in a Machine Learning mode. This training met fully my expectations, which were about understanding the major principles of using the tool for Machine Learning and being able to start using it for specific applications in my business. I have been impressed by the tool’s capabilities and I feel quite comfortable to start using it for Machine Learning. I strongly recommend this training to anyone who would like to make a start in Machine Learning with Bayesian techniques.