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Analysis | Visual | Segment | Impact on Target


The Impact on Target shows:


This new feature allows comparing a segment with a selected benchmark (either


the entire


data set, or another segment)




The differentiation/impact is computed by using the difference between the mean values of the variables, and the effect on the Target nodeThe comparison is based on how the observable variables of the segment can impact the Target node value.

The Impact Image Added for each observable variable Image Added  is computed as follow:


 is the analyzed segment,

 is the benchmark,

Image Removed is the analyzed observable variable,

 is the mean value of the observable variable on the dataset ( Image Added on the data set defined by the segment or the benchmark),

Image Modified is the effect of the observable variable of Image Addedon the Target node, evaluated on the benchmark.

You can choose among the following Four types of effecteffects are available:


Let's take the Perfume example for which we have defined five segments with the Breakout Variable Product, namely Prod3, Prod4, ProdG1, ProdG5 and Prod G6.

Image Added

Below is the table with the Standardized Total Effects of all the observable variables on Purchase Intent, and the mean values of these variables, computed on the entire data set, and on the segment represented by Prod3.

Image Added

Image Added

Image Added