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The main window is the BayesiaLab work environment. It is divided into 3 three main parts:

  • the The command zone (menus and toolbar) that contains all the commands that can operate either on all the graphs , or on the active graph.
  • the The graph zone in which graph windows are opened. The minimum  contextual menu, activated  available by right-clicking on the graph zone of graphs, allows managing the console display of the console.
  • the Thegraph bar that allows handling the graphs , at the bottom of the screen, allows managing the graph windows. A left-click on the graph button (labeled with the network name button makes the ) activates the corresponding graphactive. The contextual menu (right click) of this bar makes it possible reor- ganizing the graph bar allows reorganizing the graph windows (Cascade, Horizontal/Horizontal and vertical Mosaics and ReductionVertical Mosaic, and Minimize All).

The contextual menu of a network name graph button allows acting on  changing the state arrangement of the graph window (Maximize/Minimize/Icon/Close and RenameRename, Restore, Icon and Maximize).