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Why is there a "Target State" of the Target Node?


The Target State is not used for structural learning. It is only used in certain analysis contexts.

For instance, it is used in the Targeted Evaluation of a network, i.e. when you want to focus the analysis on a specific state, e.g. "Top-Box Rating (5/5)" on a survey scale from 1 to 5.

You can also use the Target State to treat your Target variable as "binary", i.e. the Target State versus all the other states.


You can define a target node:

  • By using the node Contextual Menu and selecting "Set as Target Node".

    This will offer you to choose a Target State from the drop-down menu. Unless the Target State is relevant for your purposes, you can keep the default value or pick one randomly.

  • By pressing T while double-clicking on a node. In this case, you will not be prompted to choose a Target State.
  • By pressing T while double-clicking on a specific state in the bar chart in a monitor. By pointing at a specific state, you can also change the Target State.