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  • Temporal Indices


It is possible to associate a temporal index with each node. This index is a positive or null integer. It allows to define a temporal order between the nodes, which is taken into account by the learning algorithms.

A node with a temporal index greater than the temporal index of another node cannot be its ancestor.

Editing of the temporal indices can be done node-by-node with the Node Editor or globally through the contextual menu of the graph which gives access to the following global editor:


The table is sortable by clicking on the header of each column.

 If at least one node has a temporal index, the indicator is displayed in the status bar of the network. A click on this icon displays the previous dialog box.


The Import button allows importing a list of temporal indices from a dictionary as in Import Dictionary menu. 


The Export button allows exporting the list of temporal indices in a dictionary as in Export Dictionary menu.