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The Session Dashboard tab offers tools for analyzing the usage of the tokens that are associated with the account(s) you are managing.


Filters can be defined on four criteria:

  1. Users
  2. Subscriptions
  3. Period

The filters are used in all the session dashboard views.


Dashboard Views

Charts can be generated to analyze:

  • Sessions time: the number of hours per day
  • Sessions number: the number of sessions per day
  • Session result: the failure rate of the sessions (due to connection problems)
  • Parallel sessions: the number of concurrent users
  • Max parallel sessions: the maximal number of concurrent users per day
  • Hourly usage: the usage per hour

This view gives a summary of the usage of your tokens, by users.

The connection status has 3 icons:

  • : the user is not using BayesiaLab.
  • : the user is connected to BLS.
  • : the user has borrowed a token and works off-line.

Upon starting BayesiaLab, the login window allows choosing running BayesiaLab off-line by checking "Borrow Session". There is then no need to have a steady connection for the duration of the session.

  1. When the user's subscription is based on shared tokens, the available tokens are decreased by one unit during the entire duration of the borrowed session.
  2. When the user's subscription is based on Elastic Pricing (Pay-as-you-go), the duration of the borrowed session is debited from the account.

If the user closed BayesiaLab without having consumed the borrowed period/time entirely, running BayesiaLab again offers two options:

  1. Continue Offline Session for continuing using BayesiaLab off-line with the borrowed session,
  2. New Session for
    1. releasing the token when the user's subscription is based on shared token, or
    2. crediting the remaining time to the account when the user's subscription is based on Elastic Pricing.

The only way to end a borrowing period consists in running BayesiaLab and select "New Session"!

This view returns the usage for each subscription associated with the account.

This view returns the details of all the sessions.

The "Actions" column can be used by the manager to send a message () to the on-line user, or close his/her online session ().

  • :
  • :

This view returns a map indicating the locations where the BayesiaLab's tokens have been used.