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  • Network Locking


This password locking mechanism allows you sharing your networks while being sure they will not be modified by unauthorized users.

When a network is locked, you cannot validate and save the modifications done in the Node Editor, add or delete arcs and nodes, associate dictionaries and databases for learning, modify classes, etc.

However, you can still edit the costs associated with the nodes are as they are use in Validation mode (adaptive questionnaire, not observable nodes, etc.).

Adding a lock to the network is done via the menu Network>Lock. When the network doesn't already have a lock, the following dialog box is displayed:

Upon confirmation of your password, the icon  appears in the status bar to indicate that the network is unlocked. You have just to click on the icon to lock/unlock the network . The icon is updated to  to indicate that the network is locked.

When the network is unlocked, the menu Network>Lock displays the following dialog box:

This dialog box allows the user to: 

  • lock the network using the existing password,
  • remove completely the Lock,
  • change the Lock Password.