This section describes the BayesiaLab's menus.

When there is no opened graph window, the menu bar is made of only five principal items:

  • Network: for the opening or the creation of a network
  • Data: for the creation of a network corresponding to a data base
  • Tools : for the comparison of networks
  • Options: for the console management and general BayesiaLab settings
  • Help: for different functions concerning BayesiaLab.

Once a graph window is opened, the menu bar is completed by six other items:

  • Edit: for the graphical edition of the graph
  • View: for the management of the graph display in the graph window.
  • Learning: for the automatic network modeling with respect to a database.
  • Inference: for the adaptive questionnaire, batch exploitation or the choice of the type of inference.
  • Analysis: for the specification of analysis options, and for network evaluation. Visible in validation mode only.
  • Monitor  : for managing the monitors in validation mode. Visible in validation mode only.
  • Tools: for several tools on networks.