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Main Window Overview

BayesiaLab's principal work environment is the Main Window

It consists of three major elements:

  1. The Command Zone (menus and toolbar) that contains all the commands that can operate either on all the graphs or on the active graph.
  2. The Graph Zone in which graph windows are opened. The Contextual Menu, available by right-clicking the Graph Zone, allows managing the console display.
  3. The Graph Bar, at the bottom of the screen, allows managing the graph windows. Similar to selecting the tab of worksheet tab, clicking on the graph button (labeled with the network name) brings up the corresponding graph. 

Graph Bar

By right-clicking on the Graph Bar, and thus bringing up the Contextual Menu, you can reorganize the graph windows (Cascade, Horizontal/Vertical Mosaic, and Minimize All).

The Contextual Menu of a graph button allows changing the arrangement of the graph window (Rename, Restore, Icon and Maximize).