The BLS Home page contains

  • your Personal Information, and
  • when you are Account Manager, the User Access Validation


The Personal Information returns your details on BLS.

When you are within the Session Dashboard or Account Management section, you can get your Personal Information by clicking Personal Information.


Change your Password

Sign in to Another Account

This function allows you to associate a new account with your user. For instance, this new account can be a Single-User Single-Machine BayesiaLab license identified by a Client Identifier (AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD).

If you are the first one to add an access to this account, you will automatically be the Manager of this account. Otherwise, upon validation, the current Manager of the account is notified of your request via an email. The Manager can then use the User Access Validation to validate your access.

Enter your Voucher

A voucher is a personal code that has been provided to you by Bayesia. It is associated with a product (e.g. a package of Private Simulators purchased via BayesiaStore). 

As an Account Manager, you can use the User Access Validation to validate the access of the other users that have signed in to BLS with your Client Identifier, or used the Sign in to Another Account function.