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It is possible to associate a comment with a network, with a node or with an arc by using the contextual menus. Concerning the comments associated with the network, some actions add some fields to them automatically:

  • The date and the author, when a network is created;
  • The database, the number of lines, the value of the structural complexity if it differs from the default one, the missing value processing, the learning method, the final score and compression rate, at the end of learning.

Concerning the nodes, it is also possible to associate comments by using a dictionary file. The associated comments must be written in HTML (3.2) or in simple text. In this case, they will be automatically embed- ded inside and HTML document.

The comments associated with the nodes can be edited with the node editor. The comments are in HTML (version 3.2).

The following editor allows creating complex comments in HTML.


The File menu allows :

  • creating a new empty HTML document
  • opening a HTML (3.2) file
  • saving its comment in a HTML file 

The Edit menu allows :

  • copying, cutting and pasting
  • undoing or redoing an action

The Insert menu allows :

  • inserting a link towards a file or an URL
  • inserting an image

The Format menu allows :

  • displaying the following dialog that allows modifying the page properties:

The Tools menu allows :

  • displaying the HTML source of the comment that can be directly modified:

With the buttons of the toolbar, it is possible to change, for the current selection, the font, the text alignment, the bold, italic and underlined attributes and the color of the foreground and background.

According to the position of the cursor, the contextual menu, accessible with a right click, allows:

  • copying or cutting the selection,
  • inserting, editing or removing a link,
  • displaying page properties,
  • displaying image properties

The nodes and the arcs that have an associated comment are presented as follows:

Comments are displayed by keeping pressed while pointing on the icon displayed on the node or the arc. To display the graph's comment the key must be pressed while hovering the graph's window. If a node has a color tag, the corresponding color is displayed as a border at the top and the left of the display. A click on a hypertext link opens the associated document.

It is also possible to display all the comments in a specific window by using the contextual menu associ- ated to the network background. The contents of that window (HTML text) can then be copied&pasted to external applications, saved in a HTML file or printed.