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NaiveSettings - Class in com.bayesia.api.learning.settings
Learning settings for the naive learning algorithm.
needTarget() - Method in enum com.bayesia.api.APIUtils.DISCRETIZATION
NetworkDescriptor - Interface in com.bayesia.api
This interface provides some methods used to describe a network.
nodeContainsClass(String, String) - Method in class com.bayesia.api.APIInference
Tests if a class with the given name exists in the given node
NONE_VALUE - Static variable in class com.bayesia.api.APIInference
NormalizedEqualDistanceSettings - Class in com.bayesia.api.discretization.settings
This class is used to perform normalized equal distance discretization into the required number of intervals.
NormalizedEqualDistanceSettings(int, boolean) - Constructor for class com.bayesia.api.discretization.settings.NormalizedEqualDistanceSettings
Create settings for the normalized equal distance algorithm providing the number of intervals we want to obtain.
NumberFormatter - Class in com.bayesia.api.format
The class NumberFormatter is used to format the computed FunctionValue of a function node, when the value is a Number.
NumberFormatter(String, String, int, boolean, boolean, boolean, boolean) - Constructor for class com.bayesia.api.format.NumberFormatter
Creates an instance of the formatter with the specified parameters.
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